The Story

Apple introduced the iPad tablet in April 2010. Since then, iPads have gone from a curiosity to an indispensible computer with over 100 million in the market. Other computer manufacturers, such as ASUS, Samsung, Microsoft, and Google, have followed with Android and Windows touch screen tablets.

We recognized this trend early, not because we're brilliant, but because our
customers started asking about how best to use their iPads at a trade
show or event. They wanted to use them for lead retrieval and
tracking, slide presentations, multimedia demos, and even
for iTune playlists. We were already good at incorporating
monitors into trade shows, retail environments, and
events. Designing iPad Stands was a very different
but logical next step.

Design and Engineering Matters

From the beginning, we designed and built every iPad Kiosk and Stand to meet five key standards: security, durability, ease-of-use, attractive design, and graphic branding. Nearly all iPad Kiosks and Stands on the market hit two of the five, but only our designs include all five:

  • Security: Every iPad Clamshell comes with two locks and a hinged lid.
  • Durability: It has to last, show after show, event after event, customer after customer. All are built with steel or lightweight engineered aluminum with a durable powder-coat finish. Looking for a throwaway iPad kiosk? Not here. These are neither disposable nor breakable.
  • Ease-of-Use: Most include the patent-pending Port\Land Swivel Stop™ feature. With the Swivel Stop, changing from portrait to landscape takes two fingers and one second. Wire management is built in, and data extension cords are included at no charge. When it's time to leave, our cases make it a snap to pack and ship your kiosk.
  • Attractive Design: Choose from over 20 designs, from single-head stands like the MOD-1333 to four-head kiosks, like the MOD-1338. We make the decision fun with curves, more curves, and even more curves. Color options include black, white, and silver.
  • Graphic Branding: We love the creative branding by our customers. Start with a graphic face plate or halo, and then add wings, a banner, or standoff graphics. Several iPad kiosks, such as the MOD-1355, include graphic inserts or vibrant tension fabric graphics (MOD-1363).

What Else

Our hinged clamshell will fit many Android or Microsoft Windows tablets if the dimensions are similar to the iPad. Some modification charges may apply. There is also an iPad Mini version available in silver and black.

For over 20 years, we've been designing and building solutions for the trade show, retail, museum, and environment requirements of our customers. This is not a hobby. It's our business and our passion. When you purchase from Exhibits Northwest, you'll receive an engineered solution designed for real use. That's our promise.

Don't see an iPad tablet stand or kiosk that fits your specific criteria? Give us a call. We love challenges. And we love to design solutions for our customers.

Be sure to ask about current specials and multiple quantity discounts.