Frequently Asked Questions

How are your iPad Kiosks different from other iPad Kiosks on the market?

Honestly, there's no comparison when it comes to quality and features.

  1. iPad Flower PowerDesigned to Perform:  Our iPad kiosks were designed and built to withstand the rigors of tradeshows, events, and retail applications. That's not true of most iPad kiosks which are built with thin wall steel tubing, require lengthy assembly, and are either heavy or disposable.
  2. Engineered Aluminum Extrusion:  Nearly all our kiosks are built with engineered aluminum extrusion. That's a big difference. It's lightweight, durable, and is designed for accessories such as brochure holders, graphics, and shelves.
  3. Rotating Swivel Stop™: The patent-pending Swivel Stop makes it easy to rotate the locking clamshell frame from portrait to landscape. As it rotates, it snaps into place.
  4. Anti-theft Clamshell:  The clamshell frames come with two locks. Your iPad is secure in the clamshell but can be removed in seconds at the end of the day.
  5. Assembly:  Typically no more than three or four components and the tool(s) is included.  
  6. Color Choices:  Most models are available in black, white, and silver. All are powder-coated for a durable, scratch-resistant finish.

What are the advantages of the Rotating Swivel Stop™ ?

The Switch Stop™The Swivel Stop™ is an innovative patent-pending feature exclusive to our iPad kiosk and mounts. The Swivel Stop makes it easy to rotate the locking clamshell frame between portrait and landscape position without tools. As you rotate the clamshell frame, it  "snaps" into either a vertical or horizontal position within a 180 degree range. The 180 degree radius prevents the iPad, when connected to a power cord, from twisting the cord.

The Swivel Stop is attached either to the kiosk or the clamshell, depending on the model, so no additional assembly is required.

If you need an iPad kiosk with a fixed position, horizontal or vertical, let us know. We occasionally get requests for locked horizontal iPad frames for retail applications.

Do the iPad Kiosks include power/wire management?

iPad Wire ManagementAll iPad kiosks include wire management. There's an access hole in the locking clamshell frame. In the post, the power cord feeds through a hole in the bottom and a slot at the top. The power cord simply threads through the post and attaches to the iPad in the clamshell. Simple and easy.

The Rotating iPad Counter Mount (MOD-1329) does not come with wire management. However, it can be included at an additional cost.

What accessory and graphic options are available for the iPad Kiosks?

iPad Kiosk and Stand AccessoriesThere's a wide range of accessories and graphic options.

For the MOD-1312 and MOD-1314

For most other iPad Kiosks

Need something specific to your marketing needs. Give us a call.

What are my colors choices?

iPad Kiosk Colors™All iPad Solutions are powder-coated, which is durable, scratch resistant, and easy to clean.

  • MOD-1312 and MOD-1314 are available in black and silver.
  • MOD-1365 (Maestro) is available in black
  • Most other models are available in silver, black, and white.

Does the locking hinged clamshell fit other touchscreen tablets such as Google, Samsung, and ASUS?

The hinged clamshell will fit many Android or Windows tablets if the dimensions are similar to the iPad. Some modifications are required and charges would apply. Give us a call to discuss.

There is also an iPad Mini version available in silver and black.

Are multiple quantity discounts available?

Yes, multiple quantity discounts are available on quantities of 5+ units. On most units, we can ship immediately. Larger quantities may require a longer lead time.

Give us a call.

I'd like to purchase an iPad Kiosk. What's the next step?

Our website isn't an ecommerce site, but we try to make it as easy as possible.

  • Give us a call. Most clients have one or two questions before making a purchase. Let's talk so you feel comfortable about the iPad solution you've chosen.
  • Send us an email by clicking on the "Send Me More Information" button on the detail page of each product.
  • Click on the Chat button.

There are lots of graphic and accessory options. Let us know which ones are of interest to you so we can make sure you get everything you need in one transaction.